Externer beleuchteter Taster für Fernbedienungs-gesteuerter Power Controller

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This high-quality black aluminium 16 mm external illuminated pushbutton can be connected to the RemotePi Board for Pi 3 (external IR and LED) or the RemotePi Board for Pi 2 and B+ (external IR and LED). The newest versions of these RemotePi Boards already have a 3 pin socket on board to plug this optional external pusbutton assembly into.

Although the RemotePi Board comes with a pushbutton already built-in, this optional button is ideal for mounting in a custom case where the default pushbutton cannot be accessed from outside.

If you order the external button together with the RemotePi Board, you can let us know in the order comments, if you do not want the default internal pushbutton fitted on the RemotePi Board (i.e. if you want a RemotePi Board without the built-in button), this will reduce the height of the RemotePi Board.

The external button body is made of black aluminium, has a red illumination LED and comes assembled with a 20 cm long cable and connector.

The brightness of the illumination LED can be customized using the configuration tool.

This pushbutton can be plugged in directly on the newest PCB version 1.9 of the RemotePi Board for Pi 3, Pi 2 or B+ (external IR and LED).