DC 8V-40V auf 3V-30V 8A Stepdown

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Eingang: 8V-40V
Ausgang: 3V-30V (per Poti regelbar)
Strom: Max. 8A

It is a DC Buck Converter ,Voltage Range 8-40V to 3-30V,Output Current: Max 8A output, It has Shortage Protection, Overcurrent protection, long term stable, reliable quality, easy installation and use. Applied to the power adapter, industrial equipment, microcontroller, LED lighting power supply, DIY etc


  • Dimensions: length (82mm) wide (60mm) high (40mm)
  • Input Voltage: 8-40V
  • Output Voltage: 3-30V
  • Output Current: Max 8A output,
  • Input and output differentials 8V or less can be guaranteed to 6A continuous output, Power up to about 150W, Efficiency up to 94%.
  • Input-output differentials: 4V, the input voltage must higher 4V than Output voltage, to ensure the stability of the output voltage.
  • Protection: With short circuit, overheat protection,
  • Empty load: static power consumption is about 6mA.
  • Vout = 2.5 * (R/4.7K +1) V
  • R is the total resistance of the resistance.

Buyer please pay attention!

  • on board hrd12008 is NOT a new device!
  • if Pressure more than 8V, large current output will have Larger inductance noise

Input 23.78V/5.086A, Output 14.20V/8A, Efficiency up to 94%.

Package Includes:

  • 1x DC-DC Converter