USB Thermometer und Hygrometer Auswertung mit Software

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Mit diesem USB Stick kann man die Temperatur und Feuchtigkeit messen und am PC mit der mitgelieferten Software anzeigen lassen und analysieren.

- Powered by USB
- Temperature Range: in Centigrade-40° C ~ 120° C (or in Fehrenheit -40° F ~ 248° F)
- Humidity (Relative): Range: 10% ~ 100%
- Log also the maximum, minimum and average of Temperature and Humidity
- Calculation of the dew point
- Data is to be log from every 1 second to every 12 hours/once
- Data could be copy-and-paste to Word or Excel
- Data is automatically to be log in a text file
- USB Interface

Installation Hints:
1 install USBRD.exe in the CD root directory
2 install dotnetfx.exe in the CD root directory (for Windows XP only)
3 copy directory of TEMPerHim to your PC, running TEMPerHum\TEMPerHum.exe
4. the log file is in a directory called c:\TEMPerHUM\

Package Contents:
- USB TEMPer 2-in-1 Hygro-thermometer x 1
- USB A Female to USB A mael Extension Cable (around 70cm) x 1 pc
- CD Driver x 1

- Blister