USB Thermograph Thermometer Temperatur Log ohne PC

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Eingebauter Akku. Auswertung am PC über USB

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Selbstständiges Logging mit eingebauten Akku. die aktuelle Temperatur. Die Werte können später mit dem mitgelieferten Programm ausgewertet werden.


  • Messbereich: -40 °C bis +80°C
  • Spritzwassergeschützt nach IPX 7 Standard
  • Eingebauter Akku: 3.7V, 110maH
  • Standbyzeit: 1-5 Monate
  • Aufladbar per USB mit dem mitgeliefertem Kabel
  • Speicherung von 100 000 Werten
  • Speicherinterval: 1s-255 Stunden (vorher einstellbar)
  • LED: Grün=wird geladen, Rot blinkend=Speicherung der Werte. LED kann auch abgeschaltet werden
Software Download

This is a temperature datalogger that you can work no matter you plug it to your PC or do not plug it to your PC.
You can have it anywhere, andytime and records the temperature whenever and wherever.  Once the built-in battery is fully charged, it can work independently for continuous 4 months (or 5 months maximum).
When it is logging data, there will be a LED blinking.  You can even set a temperature range, when the recorded data is with the range, the LED will blink in Green, when it is out of the range, it will blink in BLUE when it is logging data, it will blink in RED.
Once you have had enough data (or reach its standby time), you may plug into your PC for charging (the Temper Live) and loading data to your PC.

- Powered by built-in lithium battery
- Recharged either by USB or AC (thru USB)
- LED indicator for different status
- Logging data remotely for continuous 4 months ( or around 98000 pieces of data whenever either reaches maximum)
- Temperature Range: -40° C ~ 80° C (or -40° F ~ 176° F)
- Data is to be logged from every 1 second to every 256 hours/once
- Could work as a standalone temperature recorder
- Data could be export / copy-and-paste to Word (.txt file) or Excel
- USB Interface

Recommends for:
- Laboratory
- Sauna Shop
- Construction site
- Environment Protection works
- Ice Room / Fridge

- Battery Capacity: 110mA, 3.7V
- Recharging time: 500 times
- Dimenstions: 89mm (L) x 37mm(W) x 7mm(H) Approx.
- Weight (NET): 16g approx.
- Charged by: USB Bus or AC USB Charger

Package Contents:
- USB Temper Thermograph - The USB Temperature Recorder x 1
- USB Cable x 1
- Driver CD x 1
- Hand strap x 1

- Blister