TEMPer 2.0 USB Thermometer Temperatur Auswertung mit Software

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Mit diesem USB Stick kann man die Temperatur messen und am PC mit der mitgelieferten Software anzeigen lassen und analysieren.

USB Specification: 1.1
Messbereich: -40°C bis 120°C
Genauigkeit: +/-0,5°C (Kalibrierfähig)

- Powered by USB
- Temperature Range: -40° C ~ 120° C
- Data is to be log from every 1 second to unlimited / once
- Data could be copy-and-paste to Word or Excel
- Data is put in a log file (in *.txt)
- USB Interface

Recommends for:
- Laboratory
- Sauna Shop

Advantages for USB Temper 2.0 over USB Temper 1.0 (discontinued)
- Wider Temperature Range
- Recorded Data could be either in Centigrade or Fahrenheit
- Recorded data is automatically put in a log file
- More precise (up to 0.0001 Centigrade or Fahrenheit)

Package Contents:
- TEMPer USB Thermometer (Version 2.0) x 1
- USB Cable x 1
- Driver CD x 1

Installation Hints:
1 Read the file readme.txt
2 install USBRD.exe in the CD root directory
3 install dotnetfx.exe in the CD root directory
4 copy directory of TEMPer to your PC, running TEMPer\TEMPer.exe

- This is not a version with LED, if you opt to LED enabled in the control panel, it may case system failure and you have to quite the TEMPer system and re-start again.
- The DLL file is ready to open for developing your own programme(s) for this Thermometer, if you would like to have the DLL files, pls contact us for details about the terms and conditions.
- The manufacturer's bundled driver and operation interface is not really so perfect (but definitely workable), if you would like to have other driver and interface, you may download from the 2 reviews below.
- the 2 reviews below is for Version 1, but may be applicable to the version 2, at least we didn't find big fault (neither small!), but if you use them, it is at your own risk.