LM317 DC Converter 12V

LM317 DC Converter 12V

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LM317 DC In 5~24V Out 2.5~12V Volt Regulator Converter

Outline Dimension
1.5*1.2 inch
Net Weight
20 g / 0.7 oz
  1. Over 12-hours strict QC test can guarantee the quality
  2. Internal Thermal Overload Protection
  3. Internal Short Circuit Current Limiting
  4. Output Transistor Safe Operating Area Compensation
  5. Default output voltage is 5V DC
  6. Output Ripple and Noise: Maximum RMS 3mV, Maximum 8mV P-P, @5V, 0.2A output.
  7. Maximum Input Voltage: 24V
  8. Suggested Input Voltage: +5~+24V DC
  9. Output Variable Between: +2.5V ~+12V
  10. Operating Environment Temperature Range: 0 ~+55℃.
  11. Storage Environment Temperature Range:-25~+85℃.
  12. Advanced SMD technology
  13. Integrates screw terminals made by famous CIXI RI JING ELECTRON CO LTD-a ISO-9001:2000, UL, CE, VDE and RoHS compliant enterprise.

The formula to calculate the maximum current is expressed as follows:

Imax =1.5/( VIN – VOUT )

in which,

VIN is the input voltage, VOUT is the output voltage

for example, if the input voltage is 10V, the output voltage is 7V, the maximum output current is 1.5/ (10-7) =0.5A. when the power consumption reaches 1.5 watt, the board temperature will rise dramatically by 40℃ based on ambient temperature.

The maximum output current is the least one after comparing the result of this formula and 0.5A

Notes on connection:

    • GND should be connected to the negative of power supply or the housing of your instrument.
    • LM317 is able to regulate output voltage when a load is conneted.
    • The output current shall exceed 5mA, otherwise the output voltage will be unstable.
    • To obtain a certain output voltage, you shall feed an input voltage of at least 3V higher than the output voltage
    • The output voltage might fall short of expected voltage if the entire circuit is the load is too heavy.

Suggested connection is shown in Figure 1.