DC 4,5V-24V auf 0,93V-20V 2A 20W Display Stepdown #025

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Eingang: 4,5V-24V
Ausgang: 0,93V-20V (per Poti regelbar)
Strom: Max. 2A

It is a DC Stepdown Module, With voltage Current Display, voltage range 4.5-24V to 0.93-20V, output current 2A the switched power supply.


  • Input: 4.5-24V
  • Output: 1-20V ( Buck Mode, the input voltage must be 2V higher than Output voltage)
  • Output current: 2A continuous output
  • Output power: the maximum 20W
  • Ammeter: 0.00-2.00A ( Display output current only)
  • Voltmeter: Display Input 4.5-24V, Output 1-20V
  • Display Color: Blue
  • Dimensions: 48 x 32 x 18 mm
  • Right Switch: Boot default display voltage **. * U, Press switch display *.**A, Press switch again display voltage and current 5S alternate display, Press Switch again display voltage.
  • Left Switch: switch for display Input Voltage or Output voltage
  • LED Indicator: turn on display Input Voltage, turn off display Output Voltage