DC 10V-14V auf 2V-5,5V 20A 75W Stepdown

DC 10V-14V auf 2V-5,5V 20A 75W Stepdown

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Eingang: 10V-14V
Ausgang: 2,5V-5V (per Poti regelbar)
Strom: Max. 20A

This is DC to DC step-down power converter, voltage range 10-14v to 2-5.5V output current 15A, Peak 20A, and maximum output power 75W. It has Undervoltage shutdown, over-voltage shutdown and reverse shut off Protection.


  • Input voltage :10-14V ( Rated 12V input is better )
  • Output voltage :2-5 .5V
  • Output current: 15A (natural cooling) 20A (enhance heat dissipation)
  • With load, The starting current is rated 20A, Max 30A.
  • Maximum output power: 75W.
  • Type of protection: undervoltage shutdown, Over-voltage shutdown (if input greater than 15V, the converter will stop working.)
  • Static power consumption: 12V to 5V 0.3A (if do not use, please shutdown ouput)
  • Indicator: LED lights, start output
  • Dimensions: 80x38x40 mm
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